dinsdag 15 april 2008

Our Service Architecture: Why oh why....

On my current job we (me and Jan) are currently building an security service.  It will be a WCF Service who's primary use will be for authenticating users on the intranet.  Another service is currently under development to manage the permissions of these users.

We are having huge fights with the architecture team (indeed we still have an architecture team) about how we should build the services. Me and Jan are firm believers of domain centric applications while architecture thinks it should be data driven.  It shows that they do not need to maintain and give support for it.

Anyway we have won the fight and have already built the domain (in a TDD driven manner of course).  Yesterday I started with the infrastructure layer which is primary targetting a DB2 database. 

A second battle we had with the A-Team was about the use of an ORM to take care of the persistence, the features for caching, unit of work and lazy loading were a nice extra. Since I told you I was already started with writing this code myself you know we lost this time (at least we put up a fight to improve things....). 

During the last two days I find out why ORM are so popular.  It takes so much out or your hands that you take otherwise for granted.  Have you ever tried writing a unit of work yourself?  Not the most fun job if you know it has absolutely nothing to do with the core of the application we are writing. 

Anyway hopefully in one of the upcoming months someone sees the light and gives us a boost in our productivity.

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