vrijdag 18 april 2008

TFS 2005 upgrade to TFS 2008

We are experiencing problems upon upgrading our TFS to the new 2008 version.  All is going magically well, but when we are converting our Scrum template from conchango, we hit the problem.  We already reported it on their portal and currently they are working on a solution for it.

Anyway, since only the portal does not work I am willing to take that loss (we didn't use it anyway :-)).  Next checks are that our customized Work Items and Reports are correctly converted to 2008.  I don't see lots of issues coming our way since all other templates converted perfectly.

When we originally updated our work items I did it manually.  Exporting the the WIT, changing the XML and then importing it again.  Now apparantly it is all incorporating in the team foundation server power tools.  Making life a little bit easier.


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