zaterdag 19 april 2008

Think you are a serious developer? Think Resharper...

I am using Resharper

since version 2.0 and VS2003.  Back then I had major problems with my studio crashing because of the memory consumption the application took.

It improved a lot when moving to version 2.5 (and 3.0) and studio 2005. 

Currenlty I am evaluating the 4.0 EAP version (actually 4.0.775.22) Jetbrains is releasing by their nightly build.  Currently I haven't found any major issues with it.  So to the nice people of Jetbrains, keep up the good work.

By the way, thanks to Ilya Ryzhenkov for providing a list of nice plug-ins for resharper.

EDIT: Apparantly one of my solutions failed to load now.  So I shifted back to the 3.1 version of resharper. 

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